Index of Old Sermons
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The Old Geezer Says, "Below  are some sermons that I have preached over the years.
You are welcome to use them. I only ask that if you do please copy the following link as a reference.


If Not Me - Who?
Might Be One
It's Time To Die
A Model Father
Complications of Multiplication Be a Butterfly America's Choices
Fear - The Crippling Motivator
In Whom Will I Trust
For Whom Are You Living?
The Radical Church
New Years 
Call To Remembrance
Faith & Grace
God Gives Hope Partners In Prayer
Psalm 91 - Funeral Qualifications for members
Sissies Go To Hell
Spiritual Gifts
Fundamental Truths
Steps To Revival
The Church - Polluted and Purified The Church (Matt. 16)
The Radical Church - New Wine Skins
Unity In The Church - Pt. 1 Unity In The Church - Pt. 2
Who Is In Control Why Was Jesus Born?
Salvation - Share It! Will You Be His Witness
You Are Mine Says The Lord
Persecution - A Blessing or a Curse